4 Things To Think About When Hiring A Company To Prepare And Manage Your Family Trust

Creating a family trust is an excellent way to keep your assets protected from creditors and to ensure that they are distributed to your loved ones as you intend them to be after you pass away. You’ll need to find a reliable trust management company to prepare and execute your trust – here are a few important things to think about when comparing trust management companies and ultimately choosing one to work with: Meeting and Consultation Fees It’s important to determine whether you’ll be expected to pay separate meeting and consultation fees to a trust management company before hiring them so you can estimate how much of an overall investment would be required to get your family trust created and Read More

How to Sell Gold Jewelry If the Items Contain Gemstones

If you have a lot of old gold jewelry around the house that you do not wear or want, you could always sell the items for cash. There are businesses that buy gold, and they will buy all types of gold items, including jewelry. As you prepare to sell these things, you may wonder what to do about gold jewelry that contains precious stones. Well, here are a few things you should know about this before you sell the items to a gold buyer. Try to Determine Whether the Stones Are Valuable Determining whether a stone that is attached to a gold jewelry item is valuable is not easy to do unless you are an expert with precious gems. If you Read More

Bail Bond Terms You Should Learn Before Signing The Contract

When contracting with a bail bond company to get yourself or a loved one out of jail, you’ll likely hear a lot of industry terms being thrown around. It’s important to know what these terms mean and how they impact your transaction with the company to ensure you fully understand the bail bonding process. Here are three common phrases you’ll come across and their definitions. Bail Conditions Most of the time when a judge imposes bail, the defendant is only required to show up to all court appointments to avoid forfeiting the money paid to get out of jail. Sometimes, though, judges will order the defendant to perform addition tasks or adhere to certain rules as a condition of his Read More

Small Business Charity Donations And Tax: What You Need To Know

According to the US Small Business Administration, around 75 percent of American small business owners make charitable donations each year. There are lots of ways to help charitable organizations, but it’s important to understand the tax implications of giving away your profits. Learn more about the benefits of donating to charity, and find out how these donations can affect your annual tax return. Why donate money to charity Small business owners must carefully keep track of every cent that passes through their accounts, so it may seem odd to give away some of your precious profits every year. However, corporate social responsibility is increasingly important to American consumers, and many business owners now understand that a donation can bring plenty Read More