Unique Ways to Find Scrap Gold for Your Collection

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If you have caught the gold bug and have decided to start buying scrap gold, then you are probably wondering where to find it. There are many different methods of sourcing gold, and you should avail yourself of all of them when looking for scrap gold.

Below is a list of some of the unique ways that you can find scrap gold for your collection. Some will be in-person scrap gold buying options, and others will be online.

Hit Up Local Auctions for Scrap Gold

One of the first places that you should look into for scrap gold are local auctions. These are the best places to find old gold items in a range of sizes and price points. There might be a gold decorative picture frame, or a gold watch that is broken and is being auctioned off. The main attraction of a local auction is that the auction will have a wide variety of items up for bidding. Many older pieces of decorative artwork and home furnishings might have scrap gold for you to purchase at a low cost.

Source Scrap Gold at Estate Jewelry Sales

Estate jewelry sales are a perfect place to look for scrap gold. They might have old gold necklaces or pocket watches that are no longer in vogue or are damaged. These issues are not a concern for the regular scrap gold buyer. Whereas an old broken gold locket might not be appealing to someone looking to buy antique jewelry since it would require repair, it would be attractive to the scrap gold buyer.

Locate Scrap Gold from Online Brokers and Sellers

If you are not interested in searching out scrap gold in person, then you might be interested in looking at an online broker for scrap gold. These online scrap gold sites are perfect for a busy person who wants to buy scrap gold but doesn't have the time to research and source the gold.

The advantage of an online site that sells scrap gold is that you'll be able to purchase the exact dollar amount you want. When you are buying scrap gold at an auction or flea market or estate sale, you might not have a choice on the size of the scrap gold that is being sold. This can cause problems if you find that the scrap gold for sale at the auction is a large piece that is outside of your budget.


12 August 2022

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