How to Sell Gold Jewelry If the Items Contain Gemstones

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If you have a lot of old gold jewelry around the house that you do not wear or want, you could always sell the items for cash. There are businesses that buy gold, and they will buy all types of gold items, including jewelry. As you prepare to sell these things, you may wonder what to do about gold jewelry that contains precious stones. Well, here are a few things you should know about this before you sell the items to a gold buyer.

Try to Determine Whether the Stones Are Valuable

Determining whether a stone that is attached to a gold jewelry item is valuable is not easy to do unless you are an expert with precious gems. If you know anything about gems, you might be able to tell by their appearance, texture, weight, and feel. If you cannot tell, you could take the items to a jewelry store to have them examined. An expert jeweler will be able to tell you what the stones are and how much they are worth. The answer to this can help you decide what you should do about the gems inside the jewelry items.

Remove the Stones

If you discover that the gems inside the items are very valuable, you could always remove them if you still want to sell the gold jewelry. Removing gems is not an easy task, though. If you are not careful as you try this, you could end up damaging the gems or shattering them. Instead of trying to remove them yourself, you could always hire a jeweler to do this. It may cost a fee to have this done, but it is safer to let someone with experience do it for you.

Once you have the gems, you could have them placed in other jewelry items, or you could sell them to someone that collects or buys gemstones. In addition, you could sell them to the jewelry or gold buyer that you visit.

Leave the Stones In 

There is always another option too. You could leave the gemstones in the items, and you can do this whether they are valuable or not. If the gems are not valuable, the gold buyer will weigh the items to determine how much to pay you for them. The gold buyer might deduct a small amount of weight to compensate for the weight of the stones. Some gold buyers do not deduct weight for gemstones, though, and this is because most fake gemstones do not weigh a whole lot. Therefore, there is really no need to deduct the weight when weighing the items to calculate their value.

If the gems are really big or heavy, the gold buyer might want to remove the gems first before weighing your gold items. When gems are fake and not worth any money, it will not matter whether they get broken when they are removed.

If the gemstones are valuable, the gold buyer might offer you extra money for the gems. This depends on the gold buyer, though. Some gold buyers have absolutely no use for gems while others might have ways to use or sell the gems they purchase. You can base your decision as to what to do with your gems on the value of the gems and the price the gold buyer offers.

Companies that buy gold are usually willing to buy all types of gold, and they will buy small amounts or large amounts. If you are ready to sell some of your items and would like to know how much they are worth, visit a company that buys gold, such as Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange, today. 


10 November 2016

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