Appreciate The Convenience, Privacy, And Personalization Of Video Banking

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Picture the following scenario. You drive home from work to retrieve your debit card so that you can withdraw money from an automatic teller machine that is set up in the lobby of your bank. There is just one problem. You cannot find your debit card, and you need cash right away so that you can pay back a friend who you borrowed money from. This is where video banking can eliminate your worries and save the day.

A Video Teller Machine Is Convenient And Private 

If your bank provides video teller machines, you will appreciate the convenience of being able to access one of the machines after hours or on weekends or holidays when your bank is closed.

Video teller machines are typically set up in vestibules that will maintain your privacy. With this type of machine, you can begin a transaction by inputting personal details. When assistance is needed, you will be connected to a remote teller. You will have the option of speaking directly to the teller via a phone-like device or by using a keypad to relay information.

Proof Of Your Identification Will Be Needed

Because you currently do not have access to your debit card, you will need to prove your identity before withdrawing funds. This can easily be done by answering some basic questions that the online teller asks you. A government-issued identification card will also need to be presented to the teller so that they can verify that you are who you say you are.

After you have successfully provided identifying information, let the teller know how much cash you would like to withdraw. Unlike a standard automatic teller machine, you will not be required to withdraw money in even increments. This is a great perk if you are low on cash and do not have enough funds to withdraw a base amount or if you simply prefer to withdraw the exact amount that is needed to pay back your friend. 

You Can Receive Assistance With Other Transactions

You may encounter situations when you need some assistance from a banker but are pressed for time and don't feel like waiting in a line prior to conversing with a teller.

For instance, if you have some questions about applying for a loan or if there is a discrepancy on one of your bank statements that you would like to resolve, use a personal teller machine to get the answers to the questions or to find a solution to a problem. Request to speak to a financial specialist and receive a customized banking experience from the privacy of an automated machine. 


30 August 2018

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